D’ion J’s Friend Box


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Introducing the D’ion J’s Friend Box where you and your friend can purchase
good quality hair together and save close to 20%! The Friend box comes with the following
Bundles- 18/20/22+16Cls
Bundles- 20/22/24+18Cls
2 pair of lashes
Comb, Tweezers, Hair pin, stocking cap, and Affirmation card

Choose from any texture Bodywave, Deepwave, Straight, & Natural wave
You may also mix match textures.

Additional information
Friend Box Textures

Bodywave 18/20/22/Deepwave 20/22/24, Bodywave 18in/20/22/ Natural wave 20/22/24, Bodywave/Bodywave, Bodywave18/20/22/Straight 20/22/24, Deepwave 18/20/22 / Natural wave 20/22/24, Deepwave 18/20/22 Bodywave 20/22/24, Deepwave 18/20/22/ Straight 20/22/24, Deepwave/Deepwave, Natural wave 18/20/22 / Deepwave 20/22/24, Natural wave 18/20/22/Straight 20/22/24, Straight 18/20/22 /Deepwave 20/22/24, Straight 18/20/22 Bodywave 20/22/24, Straight 18/20/22/ Natural wave 20/22/24, Straight/Straight

Friend Box

18/20/22+16 Cls & 20/22/24+18Cls

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