D'ion J (More than just hair) is a company established to enhancing women's individuality inside and out affirming the Bold, Courageous, & Confident inner attributes that makes you undeniably beautiful. This company prides itself on providing Quality products that keep you coming back for more.

Founded by CEO Joleeta Lee, she has a passion for elevating women's mindset of the endless possibilities of beauty both spiritually and physically. This is done by providing inspiration and motivation recognizing that outer beauty is half the package, but when combined with your inner strength that exudes your faith in God is the beauty that is the true reflection of your identity. As stated by the CEO, "You are bold in your presence, confident in your strut, strong in your faith. You are D'ion J (More than just hair)."



  • Richsundra
    The lace soft and was easy to customize to my liking. The natural texture is beautiful.  The quality and customer is great. Any questions or concerns I had was answered in a timely manner. The shipping was fast and the packaging was thoughtful. I recommend buying from this hair company. If you have been searching for good quality hair."
  • Angela
    "I love my bundles. They are full, good quality, and have a thick weft. None of the hair shed. I'm going to purchase a lace front wig next!"
  • Ke'Un Haymon
    “I absolutely love my wig I have received several compliments on my hair. The most natural looking wig I've ever purchased. Little shedding but hey its hair, my real hair sheds. LoL I WILL NEVER GET A SEW IN AGAIN LOL. I will definitely purchase another wig from D'ion J.”
    Ke'Un Haymon
  • Tamika Edwards
    “I bought a 4x4 closure and three Brazilian mink bundles. The closure is full of hair. The hair is good quality, and even after a few months and several washes it doesn't shed and tangle. Can't wait to try some wigs, because the ones I have seen have been on point!
    Tamika Edwards